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How it works

Our expert team know the eligibility rules of the CRA for HSA plans, like the back of our hand.  We have advised on practically every imaginable expense to help keep our clients onside with the HSA rules.

Most Canadian companies qualify


HSA’s are tax free and therefore regulated by the CRA.  Your company qualifies if it is incorporated in any Province in Canada, (with the exception of Quebec) and has 1-1000+ employees on payroll.   WSA’s are a taxable benefit, available to any incorporated Canadian company.   The list of eligible expenses is completely up to the employer.

Reimburse as you go


No pre-funding required. You hold on to the money: pay only when your employees have an approved expense. Our seamless system processes the approved claims digitally through secure electronic funds transfer.

Pricing you can afford


No Cost To Set Your Plan Up: Whether you prefer a stand alone plan or want to supplement an insured plan, we’ll work with you to create a benefit offering that reflects your budget and company culture.

We only charge a 10% administration fee on funded claims. We will help you design a plan that fits your company’s culture, assist you with roll out to your employees, professionally adjudicate all claims to assure eligibility, provide reports for management and accounting, and provide ongoing support. We are proud to deliver technology that is very user-friendly, making it a breeze for both administration and employees to enjoy the Intellgra benefits.

Easy plan design


You determine your annual budget and different employee class allocations. Include any combination of our products. With HSA plans, the eligible expenses are predetermined by the CRA but with Wellness plans it’s entirely up to you. We’ll suggest typical items but feel free to customize as you see fit.
You can get started immediately by completing your registration form, talk with one of our plan design specialists or watch a demo.